About the NAV

Established in 1961, the Dutch Aerosol Association (NAV) represents the aërosol industry, from suppliers of components and ingredients to fillers and marketers of aerosol products.

The Association looks after the interests of the Dutch aerosol industry with regard to its relations with the authorities, European organisations, environmental and consumer organisations, media and trade.

The NAV has around 28 member companies. Half of them belong to the categories of manufacturers or importers; the others are mainly suppliers. The Dutch Aerosol Association represents more than 90% of the aerosol industry. NAV is affiliated with the FEA (European Aerosol Federation). Within the FEA, attention is being paid to relevant European and global topics.

About this website

This website provides all the information about the Dutch aërosol industry that is available to the public. Under the button 'Members' you can find the contact details of our members.
The page "Hoe werkt een spuitbus?" provides insight in how an aërosol works. This page is completely in Dutch, however. You can find an English explanation of how an aerosol works at the website of BAMA (British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association).